Marketing Committee

Chair: E. Shawn Riley, Caldwell Banker, Musician, The Shawn Riley Band, DDA Chair, DDA Marketing Committee Chair

Staff Liaison: Lori Ward, DDA Director, Jeri Johnson, Marketing and Communications Director, Jessica Howlin, Marketing and Administrative Assistant

Committee Consultant: Jeanne Micallef, IMJ Communications

Committee Members:
Margene Buckhave, Stampeddler, DDA Board Member

Liz Cezat, City of Northville

Shannon Coker, Northville Parks and Recreation

Amy Bonser, Living and Learning

Erin Maten, Northville Art House

Chuck Mudock, Friends of Maybury

Carol Lehman, Northville Community Foundation

Ryan Kaltenbach, Northville Art House

Katie Rothley, Northville District Library

Rene Wisely, Northville Township

Brandon Beuter, Marquis Theater

Maria Williams, Northville District Library

Stephanie McNees, Northville Township

Jaimee Kasperlik, Northville Township

Consultant: Jeanne Micallef, IMJ Communications

The Marketing Committee manages social media, marketing, advertising and special events in the downtown. Projects include Skeletons are Alive, Summer Concerts, Holiday to Remember and print advertising. The Committee coordinates with organizations to support local events and businesses.

Meeting Schedule: The Marketing Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 8:30 am. The meeting location varies each month as Committee members take turns hosting.

To find out the location of the next meeting, please contact the DDA office at 248-349-0345.