In 2009 the City of Northville retained JJR, LLC of Ann Arbor to design and oversee construction of a Downtown Streetscape Enhancement project. This project involves improvements to sidewalk on Center Street, Main Street, Dunlap Street, Hutton Street, and Mary Alexander Court in Downtown Northville.

The proposed improvements replaced the buckled and patched sidewaks with colored, scored concrete. The new sidewalks not only replaced the unsafe sidewalks, but ensured that all handicapped accessible codes were met. Downtown’s historic lighting was retrofitted the with a new induction light source which is more energy efficient, requires less maintenance, and supplies a truer color rendering. The project replaced trees and other vegetation, and added new benches compatible with the existing planters and waste/recycling already located throughout the downtown. New curb bump-outs were added to support pedestrian activities in downtown such as outdoor dining, and improve pedestrian safety at street crossings.

Additional bicycle parking facilities were added throughout the downtown as well as pedestrian and cyclist wayfinding signage to address the needs of the many cyclists using Hines Park and the Northville community.

This streetscape project is a culmination of work from Northville’s Downtown Development Authority in conjunction with the City of Northville, private contractors, and the State of Michigan.
The streetscape project was scheduled to be completed in phases with the entire project to be finished in one year with as little impact as possible on the downtown’s summer events.
Visible effects of this project include improvements to the street, sidewalk, enhanced pedestrian street lighting, new benches, trash receptacles, street trees, and landscaping which are consistent with the character of the newly renovated Town Square.

Half of the funding for the streetscape project was secured with transportation grant funds from the federal government.